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Quiet Blessing

edition of 200
6″ x 6″ plaque

Now Available Framed
Custom Tobacco (immediately below) No Longer Available

Oxidized Gold Frame Available

Quiet Blessings FrmedQuiet Blessings Frmed

you bud
reminding us of all
that is yet to be born
through our budding
and assuring us a new season
will give witness to all
we nourish within.

your new leaf opens
unfolding yet another possibility
reminding us of our own possibilities
for opening
if just a bit, just a bit
this season
then next.

you offer a seed
to the Great Wind
giving all you are
to the infinite Spirit
trusting its journey
its potency exactly
where It blows.

you display your
new colors to the world
daring to be bold and seen
in all your radiant Beauty
while fully prepared
to offer your palette of radiance
again to the Wind.

you sprinkle the earth with your
colors as you let go
one by one by one
and watch each one dance
with the Wind to the blessed
River and Rock that feeds you,
as it feeds us.

you shed your bark
when the season is ripe
with a deep, full knowing
it’s time to simply shed
all that no longer nourishes you
savoring the Core that is
truly You and Us at once.

in this flawless rhythm
in your graceful surrender
you nudge us to trust
our roots as yours
dance in our Radiance
sprout, grow
and let go.

you grow older and older
and time and weather
mark you as their own
and yet again
you fall to the Earth
as the echo of your sacred Voice
blesses us once more.

Quiet blessing
you are indeed,
growing, giving
surrendering, loving –
a resonate, infinite mirror
of all we seek
and all we Are
within the Roots we share.

Epiphany Blessings to You

Happy Epiphany!  Today, January 6th is Epiphany – the 12th day of Christmas and nearly forgotten by most. In Christian tradition, it is the day the wise men/women completed their journey  – following the wondrous star – to the Christ child. For me, it holds deep and rich inspiration to reflect upon “what Light DO I follow in my life and what Light am I committed to following in this new year?  What is it that truly navigates my path and directs and informs me as I journey?  In Christian tradition it is all tied to the grand celebration of the birth of Christ – to a new birth in our souls. What is it you have given birth to in this season regardless of your religious or spiritual preferences? ? And, it is perhaps helpful to remember that often a new birth requires allowing something else to die – to make room for a new beginning – a truly new birth that we are able to nourish and allow to grow and bloom in our lives.

The winter season, in most climates, brings us indoors more than outdoors while nature moves through its progression of letting go and resting in preparation for yet another spring of new budding and growth.  As we witness from indoors or outdoors, the shifting quiet response of nature to the winter season, may we feel invited to embrace the same quiet time of preparation for ourselves. Appearance wise, it looks as though some of nature is actually dead – barren branches and skeletons of trees starkly marking the landscapes. The skeleton is the bone – the foundation upon which all future budding and growth will sprout. – the foundation upon which all our bodily systems function in miraculous harmony.  As nature requires this season of rest – of dormancy – perhaps we might serve ourselves well to do the same?  Take time to sip that extra cup of tea….take time to enjoy a short nap….take time to sit quietly and simply ponder all the immense wonder surrounding us always.  I like to call this “power lounging”…..taking a few minutes to fuel the soul and truly awaken the spirit.  Happy New Year to you and Happy Power Lounging in 2014 as you quietly prepare to allow a new birth to flow into your life.

Three Works in Old West Museum Juried Exhibit

Twilight Stars, Love Blooms and Quiet Blessings have each been accepted into the WESTERN SPIRIT ART SHOW at the Old West Museum in Cheyenne, WY. The show opens with an opening reception on March 4, 2017 from 6- 9 PM.

Twilight Stars $6,800 16" x 9.5" x 9.5"

Twilight Stars
16″ x 9.5″ x 9.5″


Love Blooms; 8.5″h $2800

Quiet Blessing Oxidized Gold Frame $825 8.75" x 8.75" plaque

Quiet Blessing Oxidized Gold Frame
^’ square without frame and 10″ with frame

8.75″ x 8.75″ plaque

The show will run through April 16, 2017. The show includes a miniature show, a Quick Draw, and an Art Ucork’d. For additional information please visit


Synopsis of Symbolism

Tree of Life Series and Nature Vessels

Awakening Bliss

Awakening Bliss

This vessel reminds us of the marvelous beauty of “disturbances” in our lives to support us in growing and ultimately blooming.  It reminds us of the heavy load of living in illusion (buds nodding akin to ppoppy), while life awaits our awakened blooming.

It is hoped to inspire a nudging to lift our heads and hearts high – open ourselves to continual inner growthin all ways. It is hoped to impart an essence of the deep bliss of conscious living – the awakened bliss of Love. That state in which we quite naturally are pointedly and sensitively aware of our entire universe and where the life of even one single honeybee both matters and affects the entire web of life – it is honored – it is warmly and tenderly cherished.


A small, warm, and quiet vessel featuring the wild yellow trillium plant. This piece is a marvelous companion to other pieces within the Tree of Life and Nature Series with its warm and lovely presence. It speaks to the perfection often hidden beneath the surface of all of life while presenting the beauty of absolute harmony within the grand triad.


The wild violet stems flexibly bend – inviting us to notice the graceful beauty of flexibility, modesty and humility as we too grow.  Rising from their heart-shaped leaves (Love), they dance a quiet, lovely ballet for us.  Three ants are etched on the bottom of the vessel (hidden) inviting us to appreciate the many invisible helpers in our lives. With its 37 blooms it invites us to gratefully notice our invisible helpers, and the rich gifts of modesty and flexibility; all within a warm blanket of Love.


Marriage of Spirit Marriage of Spiritspeaks to the deep potency of Love within both the visible and invisible realms. It invites us to embrace the rich gifts of Love, which lie waiting within each of us while remembering Love’s miraculous effects always upon our entire universe. Twenty-one sculpted life forms are quietly sculpted within the root system representative of the collective universe. It is a sister vessel to Serenity.


Serenity Serenity by Carol Allemanreflects that place of utter stillness where the heart truly opens into absolute peacefulness. Frustration, rage and disappointment may all be transformed when we allow ourselves to be revealed – illuminating our illusions/stories for what they truly are while simultaneously opening our hearts to absolute serenity. It is a sister vessel to Marriage of Spirit.


The owl qualities, coupled with the majestic, timeless oak tree presents a powerful imagery of strength and wisdom within vulnerability – and in utter trust of our most ancient roots.


Twilight Stars by Carol AllemanThe evening embrace of the blooming evening-primrose with the primrose moth inspires an enriched appreciation of the deep, mystical qualities of the seemingly dark hours – glowing in effortless harmony with the radiance and wisdom of the extraordinary owl. Twilight Stars echoes our human yearning toward Home – our place of profound nourishment and harmony. It quietly bathes us with owl’s sweet wisdom while reminding us of how richly we are held, as we are each evening, effortlessly “breathed” through the magical twilight hours.


Nature's BountyNature’s Bounty is an appeal for renewed appreciation and active conservation  efforts regarding the miraculous honeybee.  Presented within twenty-five blooms of white clover this small jewel  offers a radiant energy of  divine, balanced Power in the repeated “3” of the foliage – a Divine Power suggesting oneness and harmony. The honeybee population is declining at an alarming rate – these amazing insects are responsible for pollinating about one-third of the fruits, vegetables and nuts we eat on a daily basis.


celestial joy vesselCelestial Joy invites us to witness and join the hummingbird’s dance of joyfully giving, receiving, perching [resting] and trusting. Coupled with the peaceful purity of the orange alpine lily, the vessel glows with a delicate, wide open invitation to live in complete celestial joy, peace, love and trust. Award winner.


voice of wisdom, a bronze vessel by carol alleman inspired by the aspen treeVoice of Wisdom presents the aspen as a voice of love and wisdom mirroring the connections, characteristics and love of the human family. She speaks of modeling generosity, joyfulness, cooperation, tenacity, strength and an unwavering inclination of growing toward the Light.


ripe abundance, a bronze plaque featuring the pomegrante by carol allemanRipe Abundance FramedThe Ripe Abundance cast bronze plaque presents three promising pomegranates. The six-sided pomegranate represents harmony and abundance – a call to create abundant harmony in our lives. Amazingly, each pomegranate fruit holds an average of 600 ruby-red seeds.  The sheer abundance of this aspiring fruit’s seed is enough to cause anyone to pause in great wonder and awe. What one small seed might each of us plant today to support a fertile, balanced and harmonious presence for all of us in community?


Seeds of Harmony, a bronze bowl by Carol Alleman featuring a snake and pomegrantesSeeds of Harmony is a broad open bowl presenting nine pomegranates and a golden serpent subtly intertwined among the ripened fruits. Seeds of Harmony speaks of the potency of current times and opportunities for transformation (symbolically the serpent). The six-sided pomegranate represents harmony and abundance – a call to create abundant harmony in our lives. Multiple award winner.


Aries Maple, a bronze vessel by Carol Alleman featuring the Japanese Maple Tree Maple Joys, a bronze plaque by Carol Alleman inspired by Maple tree leaves and seed podsIt is my hope Aries Maple and Maple Joys will inspire each of us to be willing to look with fresh eyes ‘first’ rather than waiting for another. Change is up to each of us, and thankfully if we each simply bloom as naturally and quickly as possible, Spirit will carry our seeds far and wide – perfectly.


Garden of Promies, Carol Allemans first consort of 5 vessels. Each vessel represents a different crocus.The complete Garden of Promises speaks of the miraculous and inspiring blooms of the crocus. Appearing as one of the very first spring blooms, the crocus prepares to bloom in icy darkness. Suddenly one day it pushes through the crusted soil and announces the arrival of a new season once more. Each season brings its own unique and necessary gifts to our lives – so it is with the Garden of Promises – the promise of each season being one of potency and perfection.


Ruby Promises, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanInspired by the crocus, this piece speaks to the many threads of growth occurring for each of us invisibly. Just as the crocus invisibly grows beneath the surface, so too are all our life events woven together invisibly and in preparation for our blooming.  A potent purpose for each season is our promise in the garden of life.


Blue Promises, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanSpeaks to those times in our lives when we experience having the blues – when life feels gloomy and vacant. The crocus bloom reminds us of the unexpected yet dependable blooming – always – of a new and perfect season.


Snowy White Promises, a bronze vessel by Carol Alleman inspired by the crocusReflects the crocus as an inspiration in recognizing that all we often believe we do not have and need to have as an illusion. The comfort we seek stretches far beyond a physical comfort. We live freely and joyfully when simply trusting the perfect timing and comfort of all things, in all seasons.


Golden Promises, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanTrusting the power and potency of the unseen movement and growth in our lives, especially in those dark seasons when we cannot yet ‘see’ evidence of either.


Promises, a bronze vessel by Carol Alleman featuring the crocusThe early spring bloom of the crocus speaks of the positive and dramatic shift that changes our entire sense of Self in one lighting quick, unexpected moment: renewing our trust, wonder and joyfulness.


In Vino Veritas I, a bronze vessel by carol alleman celebrating wine and grapesIn Vino Veritas I (In Wine there is Truth) speaks of the rich and ancient symbolism of the grape, grapevine, and of wine. Inspired by the circling tendrils of the vine, it mirrors infinity and our deep connection to one another. Inspired by the attentive pruning necessary for the vine to be productive, it invites us to consider how we might ‘prune our lives’ to bear our finest fruits. And, inspired by the symbolism of wine itself, it is an expression of infinite Absolute Truth – the Truth we are – in deepest community with ourselves and one another. AWA Award winner.


Remembering Gratitude, a bronze vessel by Carol Alleman inspired by the Californian poppyAs the beloved, brilliant poppies open to the rays of Mother Sun (Higher Realm) they effortlessly spread broad, contagious smiles. May we too allow ourselves to bend with the wind, entwine our arms with one another, and glow and flutter in the brilliance we truly are. And, may we be awakened to a renewed whole-hearted gratitude – in all we are, all we do, all we have – with the recognition that all is truly well. Inspired by the California Poppy.

Multiple award winner.


Possibilities, a bronz sculpture by Carol Alleman of an acrorn that one can comfortably hold in her handThe Possibilities sculpture speaks to the notion of all life’s events and seasons holding profound purpose, possibility and potency – without exception. At times when we feel utterly confused, saddened or fearful, this single Possibility is hoped to ignite renewed resolve, acceptance and gratitude.


Womb of Life, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanWomb of Life speaks of the possibility that life itself is a nurturing womb. Within the quietly secure interior of life itself, we are being grown / gaining wisdom moment by moment. Deep invisible threads connect all of us – all of Life. We are nourished by all of our experiences, each propelling us to grow in our unique ways. We are mysteriously and completely supported in this loving Womb of Life. Award winner.


Ginkgo Seed of Hope, a bronze vessel by Carol Alleman inspired by the ginkgo treeGinkgo: Seed of Hope features three male ginkgo trees balanced in harmony with the feminine grace of three doves (one in flight). This work invites us to choose love over separation while speaking of hope and of peace. Three doves and three trees suggest the edition size of 33.  The creative ‘3’ brings two opposites together creating a whole greater than its parts: 3 doves, 3 trees, edition size of 33.


Trillium, a bronze vessel by Carol Alleman  The blessed trillium plant echoes “perfection” in everything. Perfection, Perfection, Perfection. The symbolic ‘three’ again in the edition size of 111 (1 + 1 + 1 = 3). The  dramatic sprinkling of red blooms among the whirling green leaves ripples the repetition of “3”. Award winner.


Gratitude, a bronz vessel by Carol Alleman inspired by the Californian poppy Daily gratitude and remembrance.


Quiet Blessing, a bronze plaque by Carol AllemanQuiet Blessing FramedInfinite, often unnoticed blessings, symbolism, and inspiration offered by all trees.


Graceful One, a bronze vessel by Carol Alleman featuring the bottlebrush treeUnity and grace; our common threads held by a center Core; our deep connection to one another and unexpected growth and blooming.


Woodland Queens, a bronze vessel by Carol Alleman inspired by the aspen treeCooperation, leadership, generosity, support of one another (particularly in the ‘storms’ of our lives), model of highest personal, community and corporate integrity; inspiration to fully and simply always stretch for the Light. Edition size of 28 = adding the numbers 1-7 totals 28. Seven has long been a favorite number for Carol signifying creative perfection connecting the spiritual and temporal realms.


The Seed, a bronze sculpture by Carol Alleman featuring the acornRecognition of our real potential, Power, and intention; potency and necessity for a willingness to sow our unique and individual seeds.


Mighty Oak, a small bronze vessel by Carol Alleman featuring the oak treeRespect for elders and their contributions to us; encouragement to sow our own unique seeds and not discount the potency and purpose of the seemingly small seeds; in an edition of 120 pieces: 12 being symbolic to Carol as an elder or tribal number of deep respect. Award winner.


Sacred Marriage, a bronze bowl by Carol AllemanSpeaks to the challenge of holding the vast dualities of life in balance – in neutrality; The doorway to this being an unending vine (growth), orchestrated perfectly by the Sacred and made possible by the authentic Core of our Being; in a an edition of 42 (2+4 = 6, a number of perfect harmony).


Trinity, a bronze vessel by Carol Alleman. This edition is sold out.Unwavering stretching straight for the heavens, the creative ‘three’ (you, me and Thee), in an apparent circular form with no beginning or end and grounded/nourished from the four planes of the earth (the square base); in an edition of 43 representing the 4 corners of the earth plane and the 3 of the trinities.


Nourished, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanA vessel for lovers; love of oneself in the deepest sense as the doorway to authentically loving the “other” in the richest sense; reminder to nourish, foremost, the well of ones soul.


Reality, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanPossibility of all we claim to intellectually know as truly a mere slice of Reality.


Infinity, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanInfinite threads of Wisdom and beauty in nature, particularly trees and their miraculous and graceful transitions; Edition size of 28 = adding the numbers 1-7 totals 28. Seven has long been a favorite number for Carol signifying creative perfection connecting the spiritual and temporal realms.


Montage Abundance, a bronze bowl by Carol Alleman. This edition is sold out.Recognition of abundance within and around us always, and the Light illuminated when we wrap our arms around one another.


Raven, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanSeemingly dark (most often at unexpected times) transformed to Light if we are willing to ‘sit’ with and embrace the seemingly dark rather than run in fear; in an edition of 37 -with 3 ravens bridging the spiritual and temporal through mystical transformation and the 7 signifying creative perfection (i.e. seven days of creation).


Illusion of Complexity, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanIt is ‘we’ that so creatively complicate and fill our lives often to the point of overwhelm; in Truth, at its very core, life is beautifully simple -as simple as the first moment we breathed. Award winner.


Seen and Unseen, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanAppreciation for the invisible realms; inner calling we hold to expand – to reach Higher; the profound unity of both the visible and invisible realms.


Transitions II, a large bronze vessel by Carol AllemanAs with Transitions and in this 42″ h version, the extent of this Power or Potency is illuminated visually; WIDE open to receive from higher realms; the divinely orchestrated Perfection of all movement; in an edition of 12 pieces symbolic of the respectful, elder and/or tribal number.


Transitions, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanInvitation to give attention and appreciation to even the smallest, most subtle transitions in our lives, and embrace and honor their mysterious Power.


Finding Courage, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanSpeaks to those wintry, ice cold seasons of our lives when we feel certain our roots are not deep or secure enough to support and feed us; yet we do find Courage to trust and the new season always comes.


The Little Ones, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanSurrendering our fears like a child and honoring natures’ way of supporting and speaking to us in all seasons of our lives.


Seasons, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanAvoiding the temptation to reduce ‘seasons’ to climate alone; recognizing our lives on this earth as simply one great season of many.


Owl Medicine, a bronze vessel by Carol AllemanWisdom of selective hearing and ability to hear in the dark; appreciation for the Wisdom and voices of the Night.


Miracles, Carol Alleman's first bronze vesselThe infinite and diverse gifts – miracles- of trees and their inherent voices of Wisdom and inspiration; the first bronze cast vessel in the Tree of Life Series and the first bronze cast work of art in Carol’s career.

Carol’s Work to Support the American Liver Foundation

Carol participated in the Flavors of Tucson 2012 event with a donation of Quiet Blessings. This delectable culinary event, featuring 16 premiere chefs, is a Tucson fund-raiser for the American Liver Foundation and was held at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson AZ, September 27, 2012. The mission of the American Liver Foundation (ALF) is to facilitate, advocate and promote education, support and research for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease.

Artist Profile

Carol Alleman Museum-quality Bronze Artist

Carol Alleman


Carol Alleman began her sculptural artistic visions in clay; later expanding to include the lost wax casting in bronze. Eighteen years later she continues to passionately embrace the alchemistic nature of this ageless material and highly crafted process while working primarily in bronze. Her first bronze vessel, Miracles marked her transition into this new medium; and thus began the mystical and organic Tree of Life and Nature Vessel Series. This transition mirrored, to her, the longevity and ever changing character of nature as the bronze material holds inherent longevity characteristics and the patinas are ever, even if softly, always changing – not unlike the seasons themselves and the seasons of ones life. Her signature, museum-quality work encompasses highly evolved, intricate patinas and vast cut-out areas each within the ancient vessel form. The essence of infinity symbolic to the circular vessel form, while open to both receive and pour forth, is a powerful essence for Carol. Companion Writings accompany each bronze – sharing the inspiration of each piece as she received it and typically includes a poem. The inspiration she shares invites the viewer/reader to deeply and genuinely consider one aspect or another of the incessantly wise Voice of nature. She hopes and expects each piece to continue to speak to its caretaker, with a changing voice within each new season of their life – the writing intended as a seed which will continue to grow. Combining the written word with her growing forest of bronze vessels, Carol additionally inspires audiences through her presentations and poetry readings.

Born in rural Pennsylvania, Carol Alleman obtained her degree in Art Education from the Pennsylvania State University (PA/USA) and continued graduate studies at the Lancaster Theological Seminary (PA/USA). Most recently, she has completed studies with various contemporary artists at the Scottsdale Artist School, Scottsdale, Arizona. She was an elected Signature Member of American Women Artists , and a member of International Artists for Conservation – both memberships for well over a decade. She has completed numerous commissions, exhibits widely across North America including many museums and has earned awards in many juried shows, while appreciating an international collector base. Her work is held in the permanent collections of The Tucson Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Carol’s commitment to conservation, and in particular our vital pollinators, continues to swell becoming more and more evident in her work each year. She holds a particular caring for the future of our honeybees, evident in the fine detail of her Nature’s Bounty vessel of white clover and a single, tiny honeybee.


2022 Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, AZ 43rd Annual Crafts Exhibition, Quiet Radiance

2021 New Britain Museum of Art, Nor’Easter Exhibition; New Britain, CT; Awakening Bliss

2020 BOOTH WESTERN ART MUSEUM, Cartersville, GA; Making Their Mark: American Women Artists, Twilight Stars

2020 THE MESA CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM, Mesa, AZ 41st Annual Contemporary Crafts Exhibition; Awakening Bliss

2019 THE SHEMER ART CENTER and MUSEUM, Phoenix, AZ, Mini Masterpieces; In Vino Veritas I and Reality
2019 THE MESA CONTEMPORARY ARTS MUSEUM, Mesa, AZ, 40th Annual Crafts Exhibition; Love Blooms

2018 THE TUCSON MUSEUM OF ART, Tucson, AZ Arizona Biennial Bash Exhibition; Maple Joys
2018 HAGGIN MUSEUM, Stockton, CA; American Women Artists Illiuminate the Haggin; Womb of Life
2018 SHEMER ART CENTER AND MUSEUM, Phoenix, AZ; Arizona’s Desert Beauty; Seeds of Harmony and Graceful One
2018 BROWNSVILLE MUSEUM OF ART, Brownsville, TX 46th International Exhibition; Remembering Gratitude and Serenity (on bronze base)
2018 MESA MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART; Mesa, AZ 30th Annual Crafts Exhibition; Twilight Stars

2017  TUCSON DESERT ART MUSEUM; Tucson, AZ,  American Women Artists Master/Signature Exhibition; Under a Vast Sky; Celestial Joy
2017 OLD WEST MUSEUM; Cheyenne, WY; Frontier Days, Twilight Stars, Love Blooms, Quiet Blessing

2016 JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY MUSEUM, Jacksonville, AL; 5x5x5; Mighty Oak
2016 SONORA DESERT MUSEUM; Tucson, AZ; Artists for Conservation; Love Blooms

2015 TUCSON DESERT ART MUSEUM, Tucson, AZ;  Empire 100; Marriage of Spirit
2015 GILCREASE MUSEUM, Tulsa, OK; Collectors Reserve, Serenity and Twilight Stars
2015/2016 TEMPE CENTER FOR THE ARTS; Tempe, AZ ; Green & Gray; Transitions II, Woodland Queens, Celestial Joy, Trinity, Gratitude, Graceful One, Seeds of Harmony, Twilight Stars, Illusion of Complexity, Montage Abundance, and three originals in clay prior to casting: Gratitude, Miracles, and Trillium

2014 MUSEUM OF TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY; Lubbock, TX;  Art on the Llano Estado; Twilight Stars, Seasons, Womb of Life, Trillium, and Ginkgo: Seed of Hope
2014 BOOTH WESTERN ART MUSEUM, Cartersville, GA; American Women Artists; Prevailing Winds; Ginkgo: Seed of Hope
2014 CORNELL MUSEUM OF ART; Delray Beach, FL, Garden of Promises

2012 THE INDIANAPOLIS MUSEUM OF ART, Indianapolis, Indiana, Remembering Gratitude, part of permanent collection of restoration and conservation pieces supporting research regarding how conservation intervenes with aging processes of fine art

2011 and 2012 NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WOMEN IN THE ARTS; Washington, D.C.;  Gala Events, Gratitude and Womb of Life
2011 STICKLEY MUSEUM, Morris Plains, NJ  Trunk Show; Ripe Abundance (framed), Possibilities, Trillium, Mighty Oak, The Seed, Remembering Gratitude, Seen and Unseen, You are a Branch of the Tree of Life, and Maple Joys

2008 CHILDREN’S MUSEUM; Tucson, AZ,  Possibilities



2020 Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville, GA; Making Their Mark: American Women Artists, Twilight Stars earned Distinguished Achievement Award

2019 311 Gallery; Flowers and Gardens National Juried Exhibition; Love Blooms earned First Place Award

2018 The Tucson Museum of Art acquired Graceful One for inclusion in their permanent collection
2017 Marilyn Newmark Foundation Award for Best Sculpture Done in an Academic Manner; American Women Artists Master/Signature Exhibition, Tucson Desert Art Museum; Celestial Joy
2017 25th Anniversary Mark Sublette/Medicine Man Gallery; Hardcover book
2016 37th Annual Mini-Works, Jacksonville State University, AL. Mighty Oak  earned Groover Studio Award.
2016 Nature Inspired, Spring 2016 Edition, Book published by Nature Inspired Anthologies
2015 First Place Award, Gilcrease Museum Collectors Reserve, Tulsa, OK Twilight Stars
2015 Four Points Contemporary Biannual Competition, Honorable Mention, Ginkgo: Seed of Hope
2014 American Women Artists Signature Member Show, Bronze Award, Seeds of Harmony
2014 Western Art & Architecture Magazine, Illuminations, Aug/Sept
2014 Juried Legacy Art Exhibit,  South Easton, MA Honorable Mention, Mighty Oak
2014 Four Points Contemporary Competition; Two Merit Awards; Celestial Joy, Illusion of Complexity
2013 American Women Artists, 16th Annual Member Show and National Juried Competition, Award of Merit, Remembering Gratitude
2013 Manhattan Arts International “Celebrate the Healing Power of Art”, Award of Excellence, Womb of Life
2013 The Art League of Hilton Head’s 2013 Biennale, 1st Place Award in 3D Category; Seeds of Harmony
2013 Arabella Magazine Fabulous Finds Summer Issue
2012 Artists for Conservation 2012 Hardcover Book, International Exhibit of Nature in Art
2012 Best Sculpture Done in a Realistic and Academic Manner, 2012 American Women Artists National Juried Exhibit; In Vino Veritas I
2012 Merit Award Winner, Hudson Gallery NOW WOW Project II
2012 Artists for Conservation 2011 Hardcover Book, International Exhibit of Nature in Art
2012 Wildscape Magazine, An International journal of Wildlife Art & Conservation ; Featured Article
2012 First Place Award, “International Miniature Art Show”, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC; Trillium
2012 Gallery Choice Award, Women’s Works, “25th Annual International Exhibition of Women’s Art” Woodstock, ILL; Remembering Gratitude
2011 Luxe Design + Interiors Magazine, Fall 2011 Issue Featured Artist
2011 Arabella, Canadian Art, Architecture and Design Magazine, 2011 Autumn Issue, Fabulous Finds
2007 A Montage of Masterworks, The Redfern Gallery
2007 Phoenix Home and Garden, IDEA House Publication
2006 Southwest Art, December issue, “Vases and Vessels” and “Start Your Collection”
2006 Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine, November Issue, Guest Artist Feature Article
2006 Celebrating Thirty Years, The Redfern Gallery
2005 Southwest Art, Artists to Watch
2005 Industry Award, Sculptural Pursuit Annual Competition
2005 Art Calendar – Cover
2005 Ministry & Liturgy Magazine – feature BENE Award article
2004 BENE Award, Ministry & Liturgy Annual Visual Arts Award, San Jose, CA; Montage Abundance; Illusion of Complexity


2022 Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, AZ 43rd Annual Crafts Exhibition, Quiet Radiance

2021 New Britain Museum of Art, Nor’Easter Exhibition; New Britain, CT

2021 American Women Artists National Juried Exhibition; Virtual; Lifting the Sky: Elevating the Works of American Women Artists

2021 International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, N.C.

2020 Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, AZ; 41st Annual Contemporary Crafts Exhibition

2020 Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville, GA; Making Their Mark: American Women Artists

2020 International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, N.C.

2019 Mountain Oyster Club 50th Annual Contemporary Art Show; Tucson, AZ

2019 American Women Artists Exhibition: A Tradition of Excellence; RS Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, TX

2019 311 Gallery, Raleigh, NC  “Flowers and Gardens” Exhibition

2019 Shemer Art Center and Museum, Phoenix, AZ Mini Masterpieces Exhibition
2019 Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, AZ; 40th Annual Crafts Exhibition
2018 Tucson Museum of Art Biennial Bash Exhibition and Sale; Tucson, AZ
2018 Shemer Art Center and Museum; Phoenix, AZ; Arizona’s Desert Beauty
2018 Overland Park, KS; Above Beyond By Design
2018 Haggin Museum of Art, Stockton, CA; Full Sun: American Women Artists Illuminate the Haggin
2018 Brownsville Museum of Art, Brownsville, TX; 46th International Exhibition
2018 Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC 27th International Miniature Art Show
2018 Overland Park; Overland Park, KS; Art at the Center Juried Exhibition
2018 Mesa Museum of Contemporary Art, 39th Annual Crafts Exhibition, Mesa, AZ
2017 Mountain Oyster Club Annual Art Show, Tucson, AZ
2017 American Women Artists Master and Signature 2017 Exhibition; Tucson Desert Art Museum, Tucson, AZ
2017 Viewpoint 49, Cincinnati, Ohio
2017 Topeka Competition 33; Topeka Kansas
2017 The Broadmoor Gallery, Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO; Group Sculpture Show
2017 Lincoln Gallery, Loveland, CO; TVAL Show
2017 Mark Sublett/Medicine Man Gallery; 25th Anniversary Group Show, Tucson, AZ
2017 Old West Museum; Frontier Days Exhibition, Cheyenne, WY
2017 Artists for Conservation, Through February 4, 2017; Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ
2016 Artists for Conservation, Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ
2016 Reconsidered Landscape, Perry & Carlson, Mount Vernon, WA
2016 5x5x5 Competition, River Oaks Square Arts Center, Alexandria, LA
2016 Studio Channel Islands, Abundance, Camarillo, CA
2016 Bank of the Arts Juried Exhibition, New Bern, NC
2016 National Parks-Personal Narratives, Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson WI
2016 Artists for Conservation, Annual Exhibit Live and Traveling, Vancouver B.C.
2016 American Women Artists Masters and Signature Exhibit, Bennington, VT
2016 Tree of Life Juried Exhibition, Costa Mesa, CA
2016 Appalachian Nature Art, Juried Exhibition, Cumberland MD
2016 Five x Five x Five, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL
2016 Liturgical and Sacred Art Juried Exhibition, Springfield, IL
2016 29th Annual Women’s Works Juried Exhibition; Woodstock IL
2016 Above and Beyond – By Design Juried Exhibition; Overland Park, KS2015 Tempe Center for the Arts, Green and Gray; Tempe AZ (Retrospective)
2015 Gilcrease Museum, Collector’s Reserve Invitational, Tulsa, OK
2015 Artists for Conservation Annual Member Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada
2015 Legacy Juried Art Exhibition, North Easton MA
2015 Seaside Miniature International Art Exhibition, Nags Head, NC
2015 Empire 100 Juried Exhibition, Tucson Desert Art Museum, Tucson AZ
2015 Women’s Works 2015, 28th Annual International, Woodstock, ILL
2015 Four Points Contemporary Biannual Competition
2014 Mountain Oyster Club, 2014 Art Exhibit, Tucson AZ
2014 American Women Artists 2014 Signature and Master Signature Member Exhibit, Booth Western Art Museum, GA
2014 Kudos International Juried Exhibition, 10th Annual
2014 Four Points Contemporary 3rd BiAnnual, Texas
2014 Blanche Ames National Exhibition, North Easton, MA
2014 Juried Legacy Art Exhibit, Governor Ames Estate, South Easton, MA
2014 LCAA National Juried Exhibition, Lancaster County Art Association, Strasburg, PA
2014 American Women Artist 17th Annual Member Show, Addison Art Gallery, Orleans, MA
2014 Chicago International Art, Antique and Jewelry Show, Shown By Oliver & Espig Gallery, Chicago IL
2014 Art on the Llano Estacado Art Exhibition, Museum of Texas Tech University, TX
2014 Balance, Herberger Theater, Phoenix AZ
2014 Cornell Museum National Juried Exhibition, Cornell Musuem, Del Ray Beach, FL
2013 Four Points Contemporary, Texas Online Exhibition
2013 Topeka Competition 31, Alice C. Sabatini Gallery, Topeka, Kansas
2013 American Women Artist 16th Annual Members Show and National Juried Competition, RS Hanna Gallery, Fredericksburg, Texas
2013 Art Kudos National Juried Art Competition and Exhibition
2013 Blanche Ames National Juried Exhibit, North Easton, MA
2013 Artist for Conservation, 2013 Annual Juried Exhibit
2013 Manhattan Arts International, Celebrate the Healing Power of Art, Juried Exhibition
2013 American Women Artists Juried On-Line 2013 Exhibition
2013 33rd Annual Egyptian Event, Pyramid Society, Lexington, Kentucky
2013 22nd International Miniature Art Show, Seaside Gallery, Nags Head, NC
2013 The Art League of Hilton Head’s 2013 Biennale Juried Exhibition, Walter Greer Gallery, Hilton Head Island, SC
2013 Winter Expo 2013, Infinity Art Gallery
2013 12×12 Exhibit, Middle Tennessee State University Todd Art Gallery, Murfreesboro, TN
2012 Hudson Gallery, the NOW WOW project, II, Sylvania, OH
2012 Artist for Conservation Signature Member Exhibition, Vancouver, BC
2012 American Women Artists 15th Annual Juried Competition Exhibition, Tubac, AZ
2012 Blanche Ames National Art Exhibition, North Easton, MA
2012 Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition and Exhibition
2012 Women’s Works, “25th Annual International Exhibition of Women’s Art” Woodstock, ILL,
2012 Seaside Exhibit, “International Miniature Art Show” Outer Banks, NC
2012 25th Anniversary Spring Gala,National Museum of Women In the Arts, Washington DC
2011 Stickley Museum Trunk Show, In support of the museum at the Craftman Farms, Morris Plains NJ
2011 Art for Heart, Appalachian Service Project Fundraiser, Grandview United Methodist Church, Lancaster PA
2011 Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition and Exhibition
2011 Annual Spring Gala, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC
2011 20th Annual International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC
2011 Sacred Messages, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix AZ
2010 Art for Heart, Appalachian Service Project Fundraiser, Grandview United Methodist Church, Lancaster PA
2010 Feast for the Beasts!, Tucson Zoological Society, Tucson AZ
2010 Jerome Beillard Festival for Life, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF), Tucson AZ
2010 Carol Alleman and Maurice Sevigny, Two-Person Exhibition, Northern Trust, Tucson AZ
2009 Art for Heart, Appalachian Service Project Fundraiser, Grandview United Methodist Church, Lancaster PA
2009 6th Annual Flavors of Tucson, Desert Southwest American Liver Foundation, Tucson AZ
2009 18th International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head NC
2009 Gravity Exhibit, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix AZ
2009 Singularity Exhibit, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix AZ
2008 Art for Heart, Appalachian Service Project Fundraiser, Grandview United Methodist Church, Lancaster PA
2008 Jerome Beillard Festival for Life, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF), Tucson AZ
2008 Family Fun Brunch Silent Auction, Tucson Children’s Museum (TCM), Tucson AZ
2008 Ongoing Exhibit, Arizona Cancer Center Clinic, University Medical Center (UMC), Tucson AZ
2008 17th International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC
2008 SculptureWalk 2008, Sioux Falls SD
2008 Garden of the Soul Group Exhibit, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix AZ
2007 American Women Artists 2007 National Juried Competition, LeKAE Gallery, Scottsdale AZ
2007 Invited Artist, Sculpture in the Park, Loveland High Plains Art Council, Loveland CO
2007 Visions & Alchemy, Two-Person Show with Cary Henrie, Meyer-Milagros Gallery, Jackson Hole WY
2007 Idea House, Phoenix Home and Garden 2007 Idea House, Talking Rock AZ
2007 16th International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC
2006 One-Person Show, Willow Gallery, USA, Scottsdale AZ
2006 10th Annual Sacred Art Exhibit, Box Heart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
2006 Two-Person Show, Meyer-Milagros Gallery, Jackson Hole WY
2006 Invited Artist, Sculpture in the Park 2006, Loveland High Plains Art Council, Loveland CO
2006 15th International Miniature Show, Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head NC
2005 Mighty Oak presented to Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Wangari Maathai, Tree People, Beverly Hills CA
2005 Two- Person Show, Meyer-Milagros Gallery, Jackson Hole WY
2005 Invited Artist, Sculpture in the Park 2005, Loveland High Plains Art Council Loveland, CO
2005 Solo Show, The Redfern Gallery, Laguna Beach CA
2005 Group Show, Rhodes Stringfellow Fine Art, Cannon Beach OR
2005 Greater Midwest International Exhibit XX, CMSU, MO
2005 Three – Person Show, Meyer Gallery, Park City UT
2005 Parkland Gallery, Champaign IL
2004 Director’s Choice, Artspace / Virginia Miller Galleries, Coral Gables FL
2004 Group Show, New Masters Gallery, Carmel CA
2004 Invited Artist, Sculpture in the Park 2004, Loveland High Plains Art Council, Loveland CO
2004 Group Show, Rhodes Stringfellow Fine Art, Cannon Beach OR
2004 Two – Woman Show, Meyer Gallery, Park City UT
2003 Group Show, Rhodes Stringfellow Fine Art, Cannon Beach OR
2003 Invited Artist, Sculpture in the Park 2003, Loveland High Plains Art Council, Loveland CO
2003 Contemporary Works of Faith, Liturgical Art Guild, Columbus OH
2002 American Women Artists, Santa Fe NM
2002 St. John’s International School, Brussels, Belgium
1999 Shemer Gallery and Museum of Art, Phoenix AZ
1998 Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac AZ
1998 Tucson-Pima Arts Council, Tucson AZ
1997 Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac AZ
1996 Tubac Center for the Arts, Tubac AZ


2011 Private Commission, Celestial Joy
2010 Private Commission, Voice of Wisdom
2007 Private Commission, Ginkgo: Seed of Hope (pair)
2004 Montage Resort & Spa Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach, CA and The Redfern Gallery, Infinity (pair)
2003 The Redfern Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, Transitions II


2009 Artist Talk / Poetry Reading and Exhibition, Bottoms Art Galleries presents Bella Arte Events, Santa Barbara CA
2009 Private Collection Viewing and Intimate Talk, McLean VA
2007 Artist Talk and Prose Reading, Meyer-Milagros Gallery, Jackson Hole, WY

Custom framed, bronze plaques now available

RipeAbundanceWe are now offering Quiet Blessing and Ripe Abundance with beautiful custom frames. The frames have been finely custom crafted in ebony stained, solid alder wood. Both pieces are still available unframed as well and unframed are suitable for easel (table top) display or on the wall with the attached hanger.
Quiet Blessing offers a deep appreciation for the rich and diverse gifts of all trees. The arboreal and golden patina makes it a warm, organic and beautiful piece. The companion poetry adds a very personal element, making it an exceptional and lasting gift.

Ripe Abundance celebrates the pomegranate fruit – symbolic of harmony and abundance. Each pomegranate fruit holds approximately six hundred ruby seeds – sheer abundance! The natural shape of the fruit is rounded hexagonal – six is symbolic of absolute harmony. It inspires a message of appreciation for the absolute abundance in our lives as well as the hope for true harmony and balance. It is a beautifully rich bronze work, particularly for this autumn time of year. Companion writing reflecting on the inspiration and poetry accompany both limited edition pieces.